Baroque Week.  Patron: Trevor Pinnock CBE   Artistic Director: Theresa Caudle


“It has been such a treat — I wish I could come back every year! The atmosphere is so vibrant and friendly and the standard of sight-reading/general musicianship is so exciting — not to mention the passion for the music itself.”

A small number of part or full bursaries funded by the Baroque Week Charity are offered to selected applicants who cannot afford to pay the full cost, on the basis of the criteria below. No priority is implied by the order of the criteria. (Donations towards our bursaries are always very welcome!)

Please note that Baroque Week is a course for adults. If you will be under 18 years old at the start of the course we will also send you our Young Student Permission Form, which requires your parent/guardian (or a named adult known to them) to be present at the course.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate! I had a lot of fun.”


a) to other course members;

b) to the wider public

Download more information about bursaries here

Bursary application form:  MS Word format    pdf format

Dominic (young professional singer): “My time at Baroque Week 2023 was an informative, creative and fun-filled experience. Surrounded by professionals and amateur enthusiasts all gathered together to share in the communal interest of Baroque music, I felt encouraged to dive in and explore new repertoire. This particular course provided a unique opportunity to explore French Baroque music, an often under-performed repertoire that I was largely unfamiliar with. But with the guidance of the tutors, we discovered a treasure trove of hidden gems which were a delight to perform. I particularly enjoyed performing the Baroque trills which were stylistic of the period in France as well as learning about pronunciation of French language contemporary to the time. The generally relaxed feeling of the course allowed me to sing new pieces with other musicians in informal rehearsals, where the aim was to enjoy making music together rather than scrupulously rehearsing for a perfect performance. This helped to renew my sense of why I want to make music and pursue performance in my professional career. I am very grateful for the opportunity provided by the bursary students’ scheme at Baroque Week and would be more than happy if I had the chance to return next year!”

Ilana (young professional violinist): “Thank you for organising such a wonderful Baroque Week. The music-making was so exciting and all the tutors were very inspiring. I’m especially grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to practice leading some ensembles - really helped me to develop my confidence on the instrument. I couldn’t have wished for a better first ever baroque music course with such kind and fun people!”